It's all about the Customer Journey

UCAS or CCAS, Premise, Hybrid or Cloud…. Today is about having it your way. It’s about being served as you want to be served. How do you manage to a NET Promoter Goal, and how can every experience be managed and monitored using AI to create prescriptive planned results? Customer engagement is the key to customer satisfaction, and applying the most appropriate tool is how to achieve those promotor goals, and utilize all the modern day AI, BI, using SAS or Hybrid-modeling, we can help.

Digital OMNI Channel

  • Enterprise Voice
  • Remote Desktop and Agent
  • Open API and Operability
  • Analytics – PowerBi
  • Social Management
  • Workforce Optimization Solutions
  • Carriers – Bring your own

HMC3 Leveraged Services for Contact Centers is a value-added service to help you achieve your SLA models, and operational TCO. We become an extension of your BI team for full stack monitoring, and with our Platinum Services, we are your staff. From awesome monitoring we create High Availability (HA) for the leveraged stack.

We offer traditional manufactures support to “break-fix” as needed, to custom-developed applications.

Consulting, Leveraged and Managed Services

  • Omnichannel (inbound and/or outbound)
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Business and Artificial Intelligence
  • CRM integrations – List of connectors
  • Self-service/IVR