HMC3 Blockchain Resources


  • Is your organization or company interested in exploring Blockchain Technology? Do you need help/guidance? Blockchain Technology and its related resources are scarce and difficult to source, and the entire technological concept can be confusing. If you need Blockchain resources or technical consultation, HMC3 can provide Blockchain IT services and consultation, as well as a proprietary blockchain resource, or a universal one, whichever meets your requirements.
  • HMC3 Has A Blockchain Technology Solution For Your Organization.. HMC3 can help your company leverage blockchain technology. Fundamentally, Blockchain Technology is built by creating a secure proprietary ID. Your own secure ID can be created independently for your organization. Either you can create a proprietary customized secure ID, or you can choose to utilize a universal open source one such as sovereign ID/SovrinID which has an entire universe and foundation built around it.
  • HMC3 has a solution to provide you with the secure ID which you require through sovereign ID. We have a toolset that executes unified communications. Additionally, your organization can take that same tool set and build it up for any process flow, thereby streamlining and securing your business processes and flows.
  • HMC3 understands the importance of knowing that information is trusted and accurate, and not fraudulent. HMC3 has the ability to help companies such as mortgage application firms, medical/telemedicine, communications companies and customer service companies guarantee data security and validity via our Blockchain technology tool set.
  • HMC3 has Blockchain resources to help your company leverage this technology to automate or to enable processes. Using Blockchain technology provides exponential process improvements and business flows. Blockchain increases time efficiencies in your business resulting in reduced costs and increased profits.